A place for the dancers involved in this project to write about their experiences, and discuss amongst each other the process of re-staging Sacre.


































7 Responses to “From the Cast:”

  1. Ruthie said

    Dear Sacre Cast One and All:
    Thank you for your truly honorable work this past week. Each of you has given your all and a generous spirit has been set in motion that will carry us through.

    Take care,you are each precious.

  2. Richard said

    Just one weekend and we’ve already done so much! Whooooa

    Thank you again, Ruthie!

  3. Aidan said

    A word of wisdom from Ruthie (paraphrased): in the face of difficulty, a person’s true character is shown.

  4. dblech said

    From Ruthie:

    “This weekend was a remarkable testimony to teamwork. Between Judy the Jouster, Ruthie the Rambunctious, Detective Daniela and Dancers Determined, the dance is rolling full steam ahead. Bravo to you guys, for your spirit and willpower! And to Dance, the feisty temptress! (not to mention Paul Taylor…Stravinsky…. … etc etc.) “

  5. Richard said

    Shout out to Thayer’s baby-flip-throw!
    Seriously though shout out to all of the intimidating lifts, acrobatics, and stackings-of-people (for lack of better term) that everyone is tackling. Cheers to another great weekend with Ruthie and co.


  6. Colleen said

    Last night when I got to see it on stage for the first time it was really evident how amazing it’s going to look. Everyone has done such a great job and it’s really go to pay off. Congratulations to everyone!

    Thank you Ruthie!


  7. Austin said


    No one has said this yet and it needs to be said: this is hard.

    We are now in the theater, and have run it with the lights, which only makes it harder. Sarah and I STILL haven’t mastered the bird lift, but everyone remains hopeful, as do we. This dance is a lot; taking and giving.

    For me, the most interesting part about this piece, especially from my perspective and with the role I have in it, is representing different characters in different scenes who each have different motivations and roles, however, the difficult part is to find and perform those motivations, roles, and characters in the 2d of the movement and portrayal.

    The movement is literately flat, much of it happening on one plane of the stage. The humor, sincerity, and power of the piece comes from the flatness of the portrayal, which adds to physical rigor of the choreography. Finding each character; each motivation and reason for the next steps in the choreography, is a challenge and artistic pleasure. It’s rare to find such a precise and limited range of vocabulary and emotional expression to capture such specific qualities and character portrayal.

    This is an experience. It’s difficult. However, before every run my body is filled with a charge and excitement; I can’t wait to perform this piece.

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