This blog has been created in order to document and discuss the re-staging of Paul Taylor’s Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rehearsal), by The University of Michigan’s dance department.  It is my responsibility to record all that is involved with this project, including the workshops, the rehearsals, and the final performances.  Through this blog anyone involved in the process will have the oppurtunity to express their personal experiences, as well as add things such as pictures to the site.  This will be a great tool to discuss the re-staging experience, and to look back upon later once the process is finished.


One Response to “About the Project”

  1. Austin said

    The rehearsals this weekend were hard! We learned a lot in 3 days and it will be a challenge to not only maintain what we learned, but improve and perfect it. I definatly look foward to this challange and am excited to work with everyone involved.

    So far the attitude of the ensemble has been incredible! Ruthie is such a wonderful person who inspires us to keep pushing, but to still listen to our bodies, and I can’t wait till she comes back in January. Judy Rice is also incredible in assisting anybody on anything they might need; her eye for percision, advice on partnering, food, ice packs, emotional support, really anything.

    This dance will make me a stronger dance, that is for sure a guarantee.

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